some emotionally traumatizing eats

Yes, really. Yesterday was a rough day for food. It started off well, with a bagel thin, a serving of turkey (1 point!), and half a serving of Daiya cheese.

Lunchtime is where the trauma came in. The cafeteria was packed and I was starving. After waiting through an enormous line, I was forced to sit outside in the mist to wait for my food. I didn’t mind it much – after a couple weeks of heat, I was enjoying the cooler weather. I waited and waited and finally my turkeyburger came, looking delicious.

After I took the picture, I took the skewer out and ate the pickle. Out of nowhere, a fly fell onto my burger and landed on the onion. It was either brand new or dying, because when I tried to flick at it to get it to go away, it just flopped onto the tomato. I flicked it again. It landed on the onion again. My horror growing, I flicked it again, and it landed on the top bun on the side. I did some sort of flick-and-flutter motion that got it off of my food, but now it was on my leg. What the hell. Eventually I got it off of me and my belongings. I threw away the onion and the tomato, but ate the bun. This turned out to be a mistake, as I spent the next several hours having anxiety about whether or not I was going to get sick from eating something a fly landed on. If I die from malaria, you know why.

After I’d been stressing about the fly for a couple hours, I decided to get something else to eat so that my head would stop focusing on, “The last thing I ate had a fly all over it.” This turned out to be an Odwalla bar.

Fun fact: Odwalla bars taste like flavoured cardboard.

For dinner, I wanted to make spaghetti but didn’t want the points from the carbs, so I cooked up some turkey Italian sausage with some Daiya mozarella, canned diced tomatoes, and two heaping handfuls of spinach and put it in a 2 point wrap. It was okay, but probably not something I’ll try again.

Let us pray that today will not be so traumatizing!


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