c25k – w3d2

I had a different attitude when I went out to do today’s run. Instead of being nervous, I felt confident – “I can do this. I can run for three minutes.” I imagine that says something about my view of myself, but I don’t care to delve too deeply into that right now – I’m jumping in the shower after the posts are done! I had no problem with the first 90 second and 3 minute sessions, and had completely recovered from the 3 minute session by the time the subsequent walking was over. The second 90 seconds went fine, but I found myself struggling a little with the second half of the last 3 minute session. Nonetheless, I pushed through and finished. At the suggestion of a friend, I downloaded Noom onto my phone last night, and had it running along with my music and the C25K Lite app – it clocked me in at a little over 2.2 miles covered, and 260 calories burned, which is actually more than my breakfast came out to! Feelin’ good.


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