another “big” day

We’re running low on breakfast supplies, so for breakfast I had three Opaa! gyro slices, about a tablespoon of hummus, put together on TJ’s sourdough. The gyro slices are not soy-free … I was paying for that, later. 😦

For lunch, I had the turkey club sandwich at work, this time requesting they make it without the extra slice of bread. Isn’t it beautiful?!

The mayo is almost assuredly not soy-free either … ouchie, both physically and points-wise.

I don’t have any pictures of dinner because I ate it on the fly, but I had a Del Taco spicy chicken burrito with no cheese (11 points), plus two Busch NAs as I wound down for bed. I used up every single daily point plus the one activity point I earned walking all over my hilly school.


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