no booze? more food!

Breakfast started off with another Daiya quesadilla with chicken and vegetables in it.

For lunch, I had half of the lunch-sized serving of green curry with chicken I ordered.

For dinner, I made a panini-style sandwich on some Trader Joe’s sliced sourdough, again with the last of that chicken and vegetables. I gotta say, I love that heat and serve chicken! I managed to make five servings of meals out of one chicken breast.

As an evening snack while I was having some Busch NA beer (1 point per can!), I had the second serving of the day’s lunch. No picture, scroll up if you need a refresher on what my lunch looked like. šŸ˜‰

And despite my extra meal, leaving out alcohol meant that I finished 3 points under for the day. Today will be a bit heavier of a day. I’m going to have to work out of my knee-jerk “keep all meals under 8 points to save the rest of the points for later” mentality.

As a side note, separate from my c25k recipes, I took a brisk 40 minute walk with my daughter yesterday and was pleased to discover it earned me 3 activity points.


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