a day in which i question the legitimacy of weight watchers

Interesting day eating, yesterday. All very delicious, but I spent a while giving Weight Watchers some real side-eye. I’ll explain why in a second.

Breakfast was my usual chicken sausage, sourdough, and a squirt of squeezable 5 calorie/zero point butter.

I knew I was going to be eating a late lunch after eating a light breakfast, so I had some Annie’s Chocolate Bunnies right before noon.

Lunch was around 2 p.m., and I was out and about, so I hunted down a Carl’s Junior, figuring I’d take advantage of one of their turkey burgers. Here’s where the side-eyeing came in. Without cheese, the guacamole turkey burger clocks in at around 390-400 calories. Really light for what and where you’re eating. But when I got home and calculated the points, it came out to 11 points! :O Whatever …

I love, love, love Daiya vegan soy-free cheese. It’s pretty much the only vegan cheese that melts and stays melted, and also tastes good. I got some of the pollo asado heat-and-serve stuff from Trader Joe’s chopped up about half of the chicken and half of the vegetables, and made quesadillas.



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