bad habits rear their ugly head

I don’t think “start with a bang” is the kind of attitude one should have in Weight Watchers, but that’s certainly the way I acted yesterday.

Breakfast was the leftover one serving of previous night’s dinner (repeat picture because I was too lazy to take a picture of the tupperware):

For lunch, we went out to sushi. It was an extremely disappointing experience, and I was kicking myself for eating what I did because I didn’t enjoy it.

The good news is that I discovered nigiri are quite low in points, considering. Since I can’t have dairy and don’t like mayo crab, I usually end up eating a lot of nigiri at sushi places.

To make up for the point-heavy lunch, I went with a strawberry salad mix, but used half the dressing on one and a half bags of salad, for a lighter effect. Chicken for protein.

Now for bad habits …. my routine to get to sleep involves some beers, which accounts for all the low-point meals – gotta leave room for bedtime beer! Before dieting, it also involved some beer-muchies snacking on toast or microwaved chicken nuggets or whatever else was handy. I’ve cut that out entirely … except for last night. Two pieces of (two point) toast with Earth Balance soy-free. Yep, I’m guilty. I also didn’t take pictures.

I’m on the market for an elliptical, however, to replace the one that broke, so hopefully I can pick one up and start earning activity points to make up for my “big” day yesterday.


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