animal crackers save the day

I knew going into the day that I was going to have a late lunch – I was scheduled for a 7 hour shift, and while legally everyone is supposed to take a 15 minute break if their shift is more than 5 hours, there was nothing I could get to within 15 minutes, and I couldn’t really afford to eat out anyway. So I started off breakfast big: a sandwich made from Dave’s Killer Bread, 6 slices of turkey breast, an ounce or so of smoked salmon, and a tablespoon smear of guacamole.

Instead of a late lunch, my replacement never showed up and I volunteered to take their shift, too. Luckily, I had shoved a pack of Annie’s Chocolate Bunnies in my purse, because that’s all I got until dinner time.

(can you believe that that thing is 3 points?! for 130 calories? sheesh …)

Naturally, I was starving by the time I headed home, and decided to make up for my lost calories by splurging on a Papa Murphy’s take-and-bake cheeseless stuffed 5 meat pizza. Unfortunately, I have just discovered that the picture I took of it didn’t save for some reason, so if you can imagine a slice of this without cheese, congratulations, you know what I ate. 😉

I’ve been promising my kids to try this WW-friendly Oreo milkshake recipe. I drank about half a serving and then put it down – something about the yogurt (as a replacement for the ice cream) didn’t go with the Oreos at all.


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