veal burgers are not as luxurious as they sound

My husband was excited that we’d bought some ground veal (for the hell of it, honestly – I’ve had veal before and was not particularly impressed) so I tried to plan my breakfast to allow for the extra points. As it turns out, after I ate it and went to enter the points, I discovered that a tablespoon of my soy-free Earth Balance is as many points as the nutty whole wheat Dave’s Killer Bread I was eating it on! Drat. It was tasty though. I also had an apple – the best part about eating apples is using the apple corer-and-slicer I got from IKEA a year ago.

Lunch, as I said, was a veal burger – the package was 16oz, so I divided it as evenly as possible into 4 patties. I topped mine with a slice of tomato, some mixed baby greens, reduced-fat mayonnaise, and ketchup.

Honestly? Not the best use of 10 points. The veal had such a subtle flavour that most of what I tasted was the ketchup, and I was still hungry afterward.

For dinner, I searched around for some chicken recipes that would be quick and easy, and found one for a chicken and sausage paella. I don’t have any skillets that are oven-safe, so I just simmered the recipe on the stove until the rice had cooked. It was tasty, especially because the recipe itself wasn’t spicy, but I used a spicy Italian sausage. I hid a whole yellow summer squash in it and my kids didn’t even notice they were eating vegetables. 8 points.


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