c25k – w1d3

I lived a moment today that I’ve never lived before – I was one of “those people” who got up early to go running. Yes, me, the sleep queen, the person who is always content to sleep in just a little more (and more and more). But I picked up an extra shift at work today, and it’s been getting warm towards the evenings, so I figured that the best bet would be for me to get up early and run.

It’s extra triumphant, because I’ve also completed week one! I was not sore at all from w1d2, which was really nice, and although I almost instantly got a side ache in the beginning warm-up walk, I powered through the whole thing. I’m thinking that I will try to upgrade my shoe situation halfway through week 2 – right now, I’m running in some old Walmart-bought Danskin shoes with cracked soles and almost no arch support, and as I stop experiencing/paying attention to physical woes, I’ve increasingly noticed that it feels kind of like I’m trying to run in slippers.

W2d1 is scheduled for Saturday. I’m actually excited to start it, ha!


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