the eats for the day

Yesterday was both experimental and improvisational, foodwise. I wanted to try doing something new with my eggs (I’m a fan of throwing salsa or mushrooms in the scramble) and so searched for something new. I found a recipe for a smoked salmon and sour cream frittata and approximated it the best I could, also adding some of the raw veggie mixture I got at Trader Joe’s a few days ago. It was okay – nothing to write home about.

For lunch, I was intending on making a “light” burrito, and had already cooked about 3 ounces of chicken when I discovered that we didn’t actually have any tortillas. We had tortilla chips, so I was thinking nachos, but a serving of the chips came out to 4 points and would not have been enough for satisfactory nachos. Instead, I halved the serving, crumpled them up, and threw them on top of a bed of mixed greens, added some Daiya cheese, guacamole, and the cooked chicken, and used salsa as the dressing. Much more delicious than breakfast.

After I ate the salad, which came out to 7 points, I sat there thinking about the points system – the salad would have come out to about 350 calories, and yet “cost” 7 points. It seems disproportionate, but then, I guess that’s why people lose weight on Weight Watchers.

For dinner, I used a recipe that was linked on Danica’s Daily. It was a quick and easy casserole made of a layer of cornbread (with added spices and peppers and corn) topped with a layer of shredded chicken breast soaked in enchilada sauce. It came out delicious, and it’s a good thing I have enough to make a second round, because everyone in the family enjoyed it and it’s already all gone.

I didn’t even go into the activity points I earned yesterday, which is good because veal burgers are on the menu for lunch today …


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