the eats for today

I started today off big, which I don’t usually like to do – I usually like to save my calories for snacks/alcohol later on, but it was requested that I make waffles for breakfast and since I had figured out the points before, I figured I might as well.

Two vegan pecan (and some chocolate chips, nom) waffles and three turkey breakfast sausages for 11 points. I use whole wheat flour and almond milk to make myself feel better about tossing nuts and chocolate chips in. The sausage was a splurge, but there’s something about not eating protein in the morning that sends me back to snacking within a few hours.

Lunch was impromptu. Since going on a reduced-soy diet, I’ve discovered the wonderful and delicious Franz organic Great Seed bread. It is possibly the most delicious wheat bread I’ve ever tasted, with tons of nutty texture and taste. It got spread with two tablespoons of Whole Foods guacamole, a handful of romaine lettuce, two slices of tomato, and 6 slices (a serving) of Oscar Mayer deli turkey breast. 8 points.

I was tempted to snack several hours after lunch, but regained my composure by eating about a cup of red seedless grapes. No pictures – I am going to assume that anyone reading this knows what a cup of grapes looks like. They were sweet but not cold, so it was easy to stop at one serving.

Dinner was a recipe straight off – spaghetti squash with garlicky sausage. I finely diced some smoked garlic sausage bought at a small owner-run stand on the side of a rural Washington two-lane highway, tossed in two tablespoons of pre-diced garlic, and some olive oil, and cooked it briefly, then mixed it in with a spaghetti squash that had roasted for almost an hour in the oven. I also had one glass of 1% lactose-free milk with it.

I’ll be having a couple of drinks tonight, and with those factored in, have broken even between my daily points and activity points earned. I’m tempted to take an hour brisk walk, if possible … We’ll see.


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