a berry bottom-heavy day

I didn’t eat breakfast today until nearly 10 a.m., and only ate it on the fly because I was about to go out for the day. If the picture looks familiar, that’s because it’s the same one – I forgot to take a picture of dinner yesterday and instead took a picture of the leftovers, pictured here, which I then ate for breakfast. 4 points.

The family and I went out berry picking on the greenway – there were tons of berries left even though the patches were clearly already picked-over, and we got probably between 3 and 4 pounds of berries. I’m tempted to make a cobbler for dessert tonight.

When we came back, it was past lunch time, and everyone was ravenous. After I made lunch for the rest of the (not dieting) family, I threw together some ingredients I had gotten from Trader Joe’s, plus some ingredients I already had, to make a big salad – romaine lettuce, a raw vegetable mixture, some of the most amazing smoked salmon in the entire world (brought home from Merino’s Seafood Market in Westport, WA), and two measured tablespoons of Spicy Asian Peanut Vinaigrette. The best part? 4 points.

For dinner, we went out to a food cart. As I’d only gotten 8 points into my 36 allotted for the day, I was hoping to get a burger at a specific food cart, but the one I was looking for seems to have closed. Instead I settled for red curry … and forgot to take a picture. There was a little more than a full cup of rice, which I split with J, a lot of delicious (though not as thick as some places) curry sauce, and not a whole lot else to it – there was barely an ounce of chicken breast and the rest of the plate had a few carrot slivers and squares of cabbage. I guess they planned on the rice comprising the bulk of the meal? Regardless, it was delicious, and came out to 7 points when I calculated it at home.

Tomorrow is another C25K day. I’m feeling the soreness from day 1 in my legs, mostly my quadriceps. I’m actually excited to do day 2 though, which is more than I can say for the last few times I’ve tried C25K.


I made the cobbler! Vegan recipe, yielding 6 points per serving, leaving me still under my points for the day. It was delicious.

First time making a cobbler. Nom nom nom.


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