c25k – w1d1

I’ve started and stopped Couch 2 5k several times in the last year. Little things about my particular situation irritated and dissuaded me – the pants I bought on the cheap slid down my (non-existent) hips so I was constantly having to pull them up, I don’t own an mp3 player so the whole time I was focused only one how much longer until I was allowed to walk, and I was using a stopwatch app on my Android phone which meant trying to press stop and start over and over. Unwieldy and ultimately enough that I gave up … again and again.

I’m attempting it again. I downloaded the free c25k app, I have more songs on my phone, and I have a pair of cutoff leggings that actually stay on my body.

Day 1 went well! I was sweating by the end, but it was in no way something I couldn’t complete, which was kind of shocking considering how sedentary I’ve been for the last several months. I found the app to make the whole process so much smoother – rather than glancing at the time and focusing on that, I could focus on actually running/walking. And having an expanded playlist of songs (hole and lady gaga dominated today’s session) really helped. I had a few issues with the Dollar Tree headphones I stole from my husband, but eventually figured it out and only had to re-hang them over my ears a few times.

9 weeks from now is mid-October. Last year, the real rain didn’t start until October, though this summer has been significantly cooler so that might not hold true. I’d love to have this program completed by then.


2 thoughts on “c25k – w1d1

  1. I start week 4 tomorrow. It’s funny you are talking about the gear. Ive lost so much weight my underwear was falling off of me. Also I bought a compression shirt and that start rolling up over my belly like a lamp shade. I do love the c25k app though. Good luck.

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