So let’s start this with a statement of purpose:

The internet is littered with the remains of food blogs that I’ve started and stopped, ignored and forgotten. Sometimes it ends up being too much of a hassle, sometimes I forget my camera, sometimes I just slack off and stop caring what I eat. Maybe this blog will be the same way.

I am not your typical “yo-yo dieter.” My problem stems from having an all-or-nothing mentality – either I am dieting full force and losing weight and being successful, or I am not, but the periods of time spent in each are far too long to be truly yo-yo. I strongly believe in being able to reset the set-point for one’s weight, as I’ve done so several times in my life. Unfortunately, my current set-point is about 20 pounds over the “appropriate” weight for my height, and about 30 pounds over my own personal ideal. Time again to do something about it.

At this time in my life, I need an accountabilibuddy, but in the absence of that, I will have this – the accountabiliblog. I will endeavour to post daily what I eat, if I exercise, et cetera. I am currently signed up for Weight Watchers and will remain so for the time being, though honestly I’ve had immense success in the past with calorie counting and only moderate success in point counting. Calorie counting quickly becomes an obsession for me, however – how many calories in two slices of tomato?! – so I will stick with Weight Watchers for my own mental health.

It is likely that this will remain anonymous until I show some sort of actual success at keeping up with it. I’ll return with a weigh-in tomorrow.


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